Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding Time: to live, to work, to write...

So many writers dream of the day when they don't have a day job, when their only duty is to wake up in the morning and with that first cup of coffee think only of that next creative project.  Since most of us don't yet have that luxury, we're left with finding some happy alternative at best.

There are those writers who are diligent and really serious about devoting "X" hours/words/pages of writing a day.  Then there are people like me, who are manic writers.  We don't write for a few days or a few weeks and then we hunker down at our laptops and write with ferocity for hours at a time.  Then of course there are those other writers who dream of the day when they will have time to write, but in the mean time just aren't writing.  For those poor souls, I can only suggest that you find time to become manic.
And, for the manic writers, you might try to become a little more diligent. You might try to use your mania a little more often. Perhaps build writing time into your life and approach that time with the same sort of mania.  For those writers who are regimented and consistent, you might try a little mania! Who knows how deviating from your normal modis operandi might add to your creative potential?
As I write this I'm on a solid three day spurt of sitting on my deck and writing in the sun.  Oh, of course there is work to do, student essays to read and comment on, and life --- but since writing is part of my life, I must find time for it. I have no other choice.