Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Book Give-A-Way In Thanks for One Raven of a Year

The Raven's Gift turns ONE today!

My little novel turns one year old today in the US. It took five years to get it here in America and that wouldn't have happened without several small miracles, the country of Canada and the folks at Pintail and Penguin, and dare I say some seriously ravenous readers and booksellers both in and out of Alaska.

From landing on the Washington Post 50 notable novels from 2013, cool keynote engagements like the United Way Cruise for a Cause, a Rasmuson award for the screen adaptation, and just this week being voted #2 on the top ten Alaskan books in an Alaska Public Radio poll that includes several of my own favorites, the year has been something more than I could have ever dreamed for my first novel.

And while these accolades have been humbling and exciting and pretty much mind-blowing for a kid from the tundra, the real Raven's Gift for me has been in the outpouring of kind and powerful responses to the story that I have received since publication. So, in thanks for the fun 1st year in the USA, I would like to offer up a chance for you to win one of ten copies of the novel for yourself or a friend.

How can you win? Easy!

You will do this by thanking someone who has been a "gift" to you in your life. Did they share some special knowledge with you? Save you from the apocalypse or just credit card debt? Or have they just always been there leading you when you were unable to see the way? Who do you owe a word of thanks?

One of two ways to win:
1. Share this page and your "gift" of words to that person via Twitter or Facebook and email a link or confirmation at
2. "Like" The Raven's Gift facebook page and tag it when you share your words of thanks with the person who has been the gift in your life!

Easy, right? Enter early and enter often....

What are you waiting for?

(Contest ends July 12th).

And Quyana! (Thanks!)