Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Poem and An Apology, from a Fool.

Today, this is me...your writing DODO

I will once again be posting a poem a day for the month of April, as a celebration of National Poetry month and a thank you to all those who have supported me and my writing endeavors over the past several years. I hope you enjoy the poems this month, and I hope you'll share and comment on those that move you, make you laugh, or cry, or curse.

Speaking of laughing, crying, and cursing...I owe many of you a huge apology for my devious joke today. I did not anticipate such an overwhelming and supportive response to my ridiculous announcement of publication for my new novel. It is true that I do have a new novel written, but I am as of this moment sans publisher. There is no Dodo Books. No Great Auk House. No 189 countries pushing to bring the novel to the US before climate change really devastates us. Those were all the words of a joker, perhaps one who is a little sad that he can't yet share with you his new work, perhaps one a little frustrated with this whole glacial world of publishing while the glaciers are melting and his book becomes less and less relevant!

Nonetheless, I am sincerely sorry for the prank. I wanted people to laugh or be momentarily tricked, not cheer and be excited for me and write kind notes of congratulations.  I didn't anticipate that in the busy rush of the day folks would cheer and give me accolades and not realize I was being a complete and utter smart-ass.

Today I learned a little something about April Fools Day...and your response was humbling and really a bit of a lesson for me, today, the fool.

And NOW for your poem of the day.

Play. Ground.

to let the blinding sun
reflecting on the snow
etch each second upon your memory
like a flash burn shadow
as your son cackles like a goose
chasing you around the playground

remember the crush of gravel
beneath your boots
the cold iron of the equipment
the splash of slush

his laughter, so pure
then small black boots
betray him on the ice
silence for a fraction
as he flies, a superhero

that moment of the air
sucked from the world
then open mouth,
a wail, then tears

remember that, too
and the hug of endless tomorrows
as you carry him towards home

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  1. beautiful imagery ~ pulls in all my senses.
    thank you for writing & sharing.