Tuesday, April 5, 2016

About The Trump, Or Crash the Fish Fry --- A poem by Sarah Palin (Sort Of)

[The following is "found" poetry from Sarah Palin's Speech in Wisconsin April 4th, 2016]

 About The Trump, Or Crash the Fish Fry --- A poem by Sarah Palin (Sort Of)

I’m walking dead, and cold
green and gold, green and gold
paraphernalia everywhere, my dad’s cave
three core issues, all the guys running
the political class betray us
so much an expression of will, an ATM for their wallets
competition is so good

And they’re really shaken right now

don’t know what to do about the Trump

train, about the momentum, the movement
They don’t know what to do 
they’re shaken, and this awesome awakening and shifting and sifting
exposing this rabid bite, hang on to their gravy
it’s a very healthy cleansing of the body

heal the body, save our nation. 

See, the connected crony capitalists, profit suffer profit suffer
reckless cost
 treasure America’s daughters in uniform. 

three issues. 

immigrants, more and more
the border, of course, every single day. 
with Washington so destabilized
 the middle class crowding at the scale. 
kicked away
the ladder stability, a disaster
for we the people
big things
they like to let their chosen one, or chosen ones get away with betrayals

inducing and seducing them with gift baskets
teddy bears and soccer balls
inviting more. 

trade the loss of our modern civilization for shame
politicians, the greatest manufacturing known to man. 
right under our noses
political incompetence, corruption nonsensical 
laugh all the way to the bank 

the art of the deal. 
how our middle class disappears.
Cheating, scare people. talking about threats

we lose the American

most exceptional Politicians create a warped and dangerous road
trade, fundamentally transform America
into something we don’t recognize
kids grandkids they’ll never know
God creates us in order to work

thank God not someone who understands Ronald Reagan
Reagan saved the hog
Reagan saved that. He saved Japanese motorcycles to combat
the semiconductor
Shoot the establishment
start a new movement – #NeverReagan.

number one priority 
only one candidate piece-meal together some reckless nation-building scheme
it’s our military that keeps us free
peace-loving, generous Americans, are the infidels and must die well,

only Trump talks rationally about listening
as president and hiring the best of the best to work
with those who share the Islamic threat with strong, strong engaged extremists
unleash terror here.
And laugh at, friends. 

common sense stuff
campaigns that only
You deserve
It’s funny but not really.

Mr. Trump’s personally responsible for policies that actually cost American lives
and trillions of dollars.
Gen. George Patton said it best “Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth.”
He said save our nation.
Remember the end of the line here.
save the nation.
And it’s going to take love
we love our own families.
So, yes, Be civil. Donald J. Trump, and crash your fish fry platform
It will save our sovereignty.

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