Wednesday, April 6, 2016

School Safety Solutions

Bulletproof School Safety Protective Gear
From "Bullet Blocker"

"School Safety Solutions"

school shopping in the fall wasn't the same
of course, the prices were higher
that was a given

but everyone was pleased, surprised even
with the selection
colors and styles
logos from favorite teams
brand names, almost cool

the jackets came in denim, leather, and fleece!
a few girls complained the skirts were too long
mothers appreciated the extra protection
fathers, the extra coverage

there were other options, too
"school safety solutions"
book bags, backpacks, three ringed
bullet-proof binders

no one brought up helmets
perhaps those would be on
the required list
next year

(A poem in response to SB 174, a half-baked piece of Alaskan legislation to allow guns to be carried on campuses. Get your bullet proof gear here: )

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