Friday, April 1, 2016

Crocodile Killing Walrus

 (Photo of Yup'ik Carving of Palraiyuk)

I believed the photo 

a crocodile on an Alaskan beach
a hundred walrus hauled out
crowded in fear
the soft belly of one
flayed, contents spilled
foreign track to us in the sand
reptilian, new and ancient 
all at once

I believed because I heard 
the stories
saw the artifacts
painted creatures on kayaks
carved heads of monsters
crocodile, alligator, sinister
something not of this land
by a people of this land

they were not fools
10,000 years ago
this beast swam
while mammoth walked the shores

today, I was the fool 

I believed

but only because I wanted
what we all want 
the monsters 
to some times not
be only human

(Togiak Wildlife April Fools photo of Croc dining on a walrus!) 

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