Sunday, April 10, 2016

Best Big Brother Ever

I'm quite sure I thought
my two sisters would tell you
they had the best big brother
in the history of big brothers

I was a hard act to follow
so cute and smart
attentive and perfect
my parents didn't 
have to even say how great
because it was clear
no bed time for me
the kid who put himself
to bed and never talked back
not once raised his voice, or needed
to be told twice

and the list goes on
best as a baby, best grades
and first to this and that

all that being amazing took a toll
one day --- perhaps because
I was so smart ---

I realized this:

I wasn't so great 
after all, and in all my time spent
being the best, I missed my
chance to be the brother
they needed and wanted
not the one they were stuck with

Of course today
I've repaired the damage
and if you asked 
they would tell you 
they have the best big brother 
and maybe even mean it 

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